Don’t call the month IN the month!

When I relaunched my Design Resumes business at the end of 2009, I determined if I was to be successful in propelling my side hustle business to the next level, I needed expert help.

I spent the prior two or three years learning about this magical new marketing concept called social media and the related content marketing strategies. New to Twitter, I found it at the time to be a wonderful place to find new resources, ideas, and experts.

Selecting an expert

I found multiple marketing coaches but there was one that rose to the top. His content drew me in and I responded to his voice in his blog posts. He even disappeared and re-appeared on Twitter. I searched harder to find his blogs. In the very early stages of Twitter (Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006), Twitter's infrastructure was very different.

Jim captured that in an article:

Twitter and me

I WILL continue to help YOU develop your twitter network; because for 99.9% of users, Twitter is still the amazing service I have always VERY PUBLICLY raved about. I will also continue to tweet, just like before.

However, I shall no longer be promoting my own twitter account via this blog; which is responsible for attracting so many of my followers (twitter associates) – until they invest in better tech support.

Apparently, my rush of new followers is what caused the problem.

I learned that his rapid follower base growth broke Twitter. However, I loved his content so I went hunting for him.

You're probably wondering who this marketing coach is – he is Jim Connolly, UK-based small business marketing coach who works globally with clients to change their mindset about marketing and make them more successful in their businesses.

Long story short, I hired Jim

Jim's business model is much like mine. He used Skype, I use Zoom now but we both meet personally with our clients to create solutions. I hired Jim in 2010 and rehired him in 2011 and 2012. It was a BIG investment but a game-changer.

To the point of this article, Jim taught me thousands of things. Content marketing, price setting, business development, social media marketing, and a thousand little technology tips I still use today.

However, the piece of advice that resonated the most is... drumroll, please!

Don't Call the Month in the Month

In those early coaching days when I hadn't quite grown into the right marketing or pricing strategy, I would panic every time the month seemed off. I would say something to Jim about being worried when we talked. His reply was always the same and I can still hear his British voice. Jim would point me to the calendar and say,

Julie, look at your calendar. What day is it?

I'd reply with the 9th or the 8th or the 13th. He would sternly say the words I still recall today:

Don't call the month in the month!

What does Don't Call the Month in the Month even mean?

Jim explained that if I call the month in the month, I predetermine my failure! I self-project the failed month based on partial data. I can do sales on any day of the month. In fact, I sometimes wake up to a new client who purchased one of my packages while I was sleeping.

The doom and gloom mindset created by calling the month in the month, Jim told me, is invasive!

I create my future. If I call the month in the month saying it will be a bad month, it affects my attitude, my desire to market, and everything I do. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you will fail, you will.

What should you do differently?

If you don't call the month in the month, you focus on positive marketing strategies to make yourself successful. You hone in on content that makes you memorable. You reach out to your network for referrals to new opportunities. You follow up!

Yes, I am talking about small business (or large business because the principles scale) but I am also talking about job search! 

What happens when a job seeker calls the month in the month?

If you predict there are no jobs and you will not be hired, you probably won't be. You identify with the fear and let fear drive your actions.

  • You won't network
  • You won't search the hidden job market
  • You won't share content on LinkedIn
  • You won't follow up
  • You won't try!

This is why working with me, works.

I become more than a resume writer, I am your marketing coach only in career marketing rather than small business marketing. Just like Jim did for me, I teach you how to be successful, and most importantly, I help you past your fear of failure.

These are tough times

You need someone by your side when you are searching for a new job, positioning yourself for future opportunities, or changing careers. The COVID19 crisis combined with the impact on the global economy and specific industries is challenging. But you can overcome!

I am that someone. Someone you need to help you move forward.

My resume packages are created with your needs in mind and I continually search for new tools to help you designed to keep you moving in your job search so you can't get stuck.

Don't call the month in the month! Hire me to help you with your career marketing!

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Don\'t call the month IN the month!

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