Don't do these 5 things on Facebook or you could get fired

Don't do these 5 things on Facebook or you could get firedNever before in the history of the world can we communicate more quickly to more people. Social media is a great tool but it is also a great way to create chaos and potentially cause yourself harm. While Twitter can be equally dangerous, Facebook is a tool but if you don’t pay attention to what you are posting you will get yourself in trouble and maybe even fired.

How could things you say on Facebook get you fired?

  1. Complaints about your customers. Customers are still the bread and butter of every business. If you whine about how bad your customers are on Facebook, your managers may decide you can find a new job.
  2. Complaints about the boss. If you air your views about your manager or boss on Facebook, you may find yourself without a job the next day.
  3. Complaints about your coworkers. Just because someone is driving you crazy at work doesn’t mean you can talk about it on your wall.
  4. Complaints about business policy. The way to change policy isn’t to use Facebook to tell people what you think.
  5. Complaints about your company. In a time where social media plays such a key role in marketing, many companies have auto- search options set up for the company name.

Don't do these 5 things on Facebook or you could get firedYou may think you have the privacy settings dialed down on your Facebook account but there are many ways to get around privacy settings, ask any law office, private investigator, insurance company, law enforcement, and most employers. While you may think it is your right to say what you want to say on Facebook, there are consequences because you are saying them in a place where anyone can potentially read it. What are you willing to lose because you think you should be able to say whatever you want? Are you willing to be fired?

The recent episode of Blue Bloods, “Loose Lips” brought this home from more than one front. The grandfather, Henry, is videotaped talking about how they did things in the old days and it goes viral on YouTube creating a management issue for Frank, the Police Commissioner while the granddaughter, Nicky, vents on Twitter about her teacher and ends up potentially losing the opportunity to go to Rutgers University. While this is a fictionalized story, these consequences can happen to you and Facebook or YouTube videos may capture more than you would like your employer to know.

The solution?

  1. Stop to think before you post on Facebook
  2. Don’t post when you are drunk
  3. Don’t post when you are mad
  4. Don’t post about confidential matters (finances)

Facebook can be a great tool to network, communicate with people you might not meet in person, and share great ideas. Common sense is the key.

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