You don’t know what you got until it’s gone

Perhaps you know the phrase, “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.” When I started thinking about this, the song Big Yellow Taxi was stuck in my head.

It’s very true, we don’t know what we’ve got… until it’s gone.

Let me give you some personal examples. We’re remodeling the kitchen. Anyone who has ever remodeled a kitchen knows how this impacts your life.

  • I haven’t had a kitchen sink, much less a dishwasher since March 12. We do the dishes in the basement laundry sink and cart them up and down the stairs. We tried the bathtub but it hurt my back to bed over for so long so we improvised with the basement option.
  • The new stove just arrived last week but I had been without the stove for just as long except that the old stove was basically not functioning for the last few months anyway. In good weather, I’ve used the grill to make things like pizza, stir fries, and even lasagna. We are still waiting on countertops, which are now delayed until next week.
  • Our dishes are still in multiple places and though I am moving some to the upper cabinets, we are waiting for the new dishwasher hook up in about 10 days to wash the drywall dust-covered things and in general, make sure things are clean.

You get the picture. It happens when the power goes out, when your water line breaks, or even worse in case of natural disaster.

Most of us don’t fully appreciate what we have in almost every area of our lives.

Job seeker, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

If you held a job for a long time or easily transitioned from one role to the next, it feels like you are hit by a ton of bricks when you lose a job no matter the reason. Those of you who have never had this happen are blessed. Most people experience job loss at least once in their life.

Amazingly, some people fail to see the value of their job… until its gone. Still others land a new role and take to complaining about it the next day. Take time today to be grateful for what you have. You don’t know what you’ve got … till its gone.

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You don\'t know what you got until it\'s gone

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