Don’t leave your career journey to chance!

Is your career journey taking you where you want to go?

Are you wishing you could rise to the next level? Perhaps you want to change careers, transitioning to a field to use your talent and experience in a different way.

Identify new directions for your career journey

I work with people who are ready to make a leap but need a guide on the journey. Together we focus on what you have been doing but even more so on what you want to do.

Navigating today’s career market is hard enough but if you want to work in areas that are new to you, you need to be prepared to make the case for the change.

Throughout time, careers changed. To work in the next economy, you need to keep your eye on your career future.

FastCompany suggests in the article: How to future-proof your career path in 2020 (and beyond:

A shifting economy doesn’t require people to bury their passions or unique interests. Quite the opposite. Leaning into those interests and keeping an open mind about where they might lead you is critical for self-innovation and career survival.

How to prepare for a new career journey

As your guide, I help you identify your passion, strengths, and talents. When we decide where you want to go, I help you devise a plan to get you there. While writing a resume to fit any direction never works, crafting an outline as we continue to evaluate directions is a good start.

When you and I write your resume stories, clear patterns emerge. My extensive experience working with job seekers just like you allows me to see potential that may be hard for you to identify.

Sometimes job seekers become frustrated and see nowhere to go. Working together, we can find ways to use your skills in today’s economy.

My comprehensive packages give you all the tools to successfully navigate the journey.

What drives a successful career journey?

Prepare for change. You wouldn’t run out the door for a two-week vacation without planning where you want to go or do. You would plan ahead and get joy out of the planning.

Would you like a guide on your career journey? Learn more.

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Don\'t leave your career journey to chance!

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