How to ensure your job search doesn't reek desperation

How to ensure your job search doesn't reek of desperationDesperation is not how your job search should look.

When you are out of work, it is easy to fall into desperation, let anxiety take over and be overwhelmed by the loss of your job and the task of finding a new one.

You don’t know where to start and you flounder around often slipping into despair.

Remove desperation from your job search

How? Replace desperation with confidence. I know, this is the hard part.

How do you sound confident when you are scared? Just know that in some way, everyone is afraid of something. You just have to get past it.

Start with your messaging. Don’t advertise desperation.

On LinkedIn:

  • Make sure your headline (the short line by your photo is the headline) is a brand.
  • Don’t say things like: “Someone give me a chance” or “I need a job”
  • Your headline should resonate with your career goal and give a hint as to your industry, keywords, and best talents:
    • Global Marketing Leader – Innovative Technology | Strategic Plan Execution | Brand Management
    • Not your job title unless it represents your goals.
    • Rarely your company name unless you are marketing for your company and even then it should be combined with your key words or at least the brand words for your company: industry, products, or services
  • Your summary should sell you with a captivating story of who you are or demonstrated success stories of the value you bring.
  • Your experience descriptions should be value-filled with a robust demonstration of your abilities.
  • Tell the story and incorporate key words.

In your Resume:

Everything written above about LinkedIn should have come from the development of your resume.

Resumes are a marketing tool not a work history. You need to be selling confidently that you have value and you can do the job.

No one buys desperation

If the car dealer starts crying when you approach him, saying please buy my cars, I have to feed my family, you feel bad for him.

It doesn’t generally make you want to buy his cars. It might make you wonder why they aren’t selling. Are they lemons?

It is the same in job search. Market confidence. You have value! Sell that value! I can help!

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