How to energize job search with these insider tips

How to energize job search with these insider tips

What do I mean by energize job search?

Face it, job search is almost always hard and unless jobs fall in your lap, it is tiring. After working with job seekers for many years, I recognize the symptoms of job search burnout.

In your job or your former job, there are standards and in most cases, predictability. You can see the end game. Even if you are not sure when you will finish the project or complete the sale, your company has a protocol and method.

With job search, there is much more unpredictability

Many times you feel like you are giving up control. Part of the problem is that most people only have to search for a new job every so many years and if they are blessed with consistent work, it may be only a handful of times throughout their career when they are in a true job search.

How do you energize job search or yourself when you feel deflated?

You create your own routine and system just like you do in your job. Don’t leave everything to chance. Make sure you are reaching out to your network regularly.

  • One of the biggest fears of job seekers is that they are leaving their resume in the “black hole” once they submit. While online applications are the norm now, you still need to find other ways to get your resume into the hands of decision makers.
  • Nurture your network while you are working and throughout your career so it will be there when you need it.
  • Be the one who helps others. Don’t live in a vacuum, recognize that others need your help too.

Make LinkedIn a career long tool

Many people think LinkedIn is a job search tool but think of it as both a networking tool and a reference tool. Use it to keep connecting and make sure your profile always sells your value. You can energize job search if you keep a positive focus and treat it like a job. Your job is to drive your job search to a successful completion or win.

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