Should you ever put all your focus on only one job if you are unemployed?

Should you ever put all your focus on only one job if you are unemployed?

When you are unemployed, focusing on only one job is dangerous. If you take yourself out of the running because you think you aced the interview or the hiring manager promised you are “the candidate,” you may be horribly disappointed.

Why should you not focus on only one job?

If you put all your eggs in one basket, you lose momentum if the company stalls, decides to go with another candidate, or pulls the position completely. Unless you have a signed contract and a starting date, you should keep your job search momentum.

Should I apply for lots of jobs then?

I never recommend volume in a job search. This means that I don’t think you should apply for hundreds or thousands of jobs. Applying in volume distills your focus and you aren’t able to apply with quality.

But you ask, “Didn’t you just say not to apply for only one job? And now you say don’t apply to large numbers? Aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

How to manage a job search effectively

Find a happy medium of the right number of jobs to make sure you are targeting the resume and the cover letter while at the same time making the effort to find new ways into companies. I’ve said before I am not a fan of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or applying online but now that is a necessary evil.

A better job search strategy is selecting positions you really want matching your skills and talents. Remember, always target more than only one job if you are unemployed. Then position yourself as the best candidate.

Leverage your network so you end up with the best possible persons to help you find inside connections who can be your advocates. As an introvert by nature, I understand this is hard for some of you. You need to find those people who can help you to speed up your job search. Networking works!

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