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For those of you who have never heard of #HireFriday, it is the brainchild of Margo Rose aka @HRMargo on Twitter to help job seekers have a day that everyone focuses on the  job seeker to help them find a new position.

The guidelines:

The sole purpose of #HireFriday is to feature job seekers, give them visibility, and connect them with our contact networks.

HireFriday is a special place where we can shower job seekers around the world with attention, extol their virtues, bolster their self-worth, and let them know that we care about their transition. The following guiding principles have been developed with the job seeker in mind.  Please be respectful, taking into consideration that the HireFriday twitter stream, and facebook page was developed with them in mind.

  1. Post your resume, and linkedin profile to the #HireFriday twitter stream or:
  2. Post the job seekers @name/desired job title/industry preference/location/descriptive and targeted key words.
  3. RT the job seekers in the HireFriday stream to your followers on twitter, and friends on facebook.
  4. If you think a position might suit the job seeker in the HireFriday stream, tweet a job their way, but don’t put it into the twitter stream.
  5. Post interesting career development articles that will help job seekers accelerate their re-employment.
  6. Post encouraging quotes to help job seekers keep their spirits up.

Margo says: It’s tough out there for job seekers.  The economy has not yet turned around for the job market.  The twitter and linkedin stream is loaded with great job opportunities.  I respectfully request that recruiters, and job boards refrain from posting jobs into the twitter stream, as I am concerned it will drown out the job seekers voice, and will become just another twitter/facebook job board.  Twitter, in particular does not need another job board.  I created HireFriday as an alternative space.  It is a reverse job listing site, instead it lists candidates in the midst of an earnest and active search.

Last week, I sent a direct message (DM) to Margo Rose on Twitter as I was tweeting her #HireFriday candidates. I like to help her help job seekers by tweeting out their profiles. But some of the job seekers linked to resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and web resumes that missed the mark and were most likely hurting their chances. I told Margo that I thought anyone using #HireFriday as the great tool it is, should make sure their online presence would entice employers.

Today, you will find me on Margo’s blog. Here is a snippet of her intro:

I invited Julie Walraven to write this guest post on HireFriday because of her undying support of job seekers everywhere. She’s a passionate supporter of the HireFriday movement on twitter. In fact, she retweets the posts of more job seekers, than just about anyone else in the #HireFriday twitter stream.

Looking for a job is hard work. Julie makes it a little easier. It’s people like Julie that make our online community the unique and special place that it is. Last week, she and I had an interesting conversation about HireFriday, and the job seekers who were using it. We both realized that there are ways to present yourself.

More importantly, there are ways NOT to present yourself. We put our heads together, and I asked her to write a post. You are about to hear from a professional career coach and resume writer with excellent credentials: And now you can go there to see what I said.

There are many innovative job seeking tools out there but in the end, it comes down to being prepared and marketable.

If you are not using #HireFriday, go read all of the guidelines and my guest post on her blog to make sure  you are ready for high level exposure Margo designed to help job seekers to pay it forward for the help she received when she was in her own career transition.


  1. Ed Han on July 2, 2010 at 6:36 am

    Julie, glad to see this blog entry!

    • Julie Walraven on July 2, 2010 at 6:52 am

      Thanks, Ed. Even Internet-savvy job seekers often think just using the tool is all they have to do. But as I say in the guest post: “Critical to every job search is to create the right first impression. I caution my clients to make sure that physically they are ready to interview at any time. If they hand-deliver a résumé in torn jeans, dirty tennis shoes, and looking more like they just got done mowing the lawn, then they will potentially ruin their opportunity to be seen as serious contenders. I work with multiple levels of job seekers from entry level and students to executives and my advice to them is the same. You need to look the part, act the part, and have the sales tools with you to sell yourself every time you are in front of a potential employer.

      Margo Rose’s #HireFriday is no different. If you are participating in #HireFriday and have your résumé on your blog/site or are using your LinkedIn profile, you need to make sure that you look the part of a prepared job seeker.”

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