What happens when you keep looking for the lowest price

What happens when you keep looking for the lowest priceMy husband, Bill, has needed some serious dental work but he kept looking for the lowest price. I already told him who I thought he should see — my dentist, Dr. Krasowski from Krasowski Dental but Bill kept thinking he should save money.

I changed dentists several years ago after Dr. Krasowski helped one of our sons who has some serious needs for dental help. My own fillings were metal from ages ago and Dr. K replaced them two at a time with composite fillings. He even rebuilt a tooth for me. My husband knew all this but he kept hunting for the lowest price.

Some dentists advertise low prices but from talking to both patients and staff, they run the office like a business, moving people as fast as possible through the doors and don’t worry about how that might affect patient care.

Why the lowest price isn’t always the best price

Meanwhile, Bill has been in pain for more than six months. It hurt when he ate. His tooth bothered him all the time.

I get it. We don’t have dental insurance and we always have to use our Care Credit or another credit card for big dental and medical expenses. We just almost paid off my emergency visit from December 2015 when I fractured my pelvic bone.

But, there is a direct connection between your oral health and your overall health. While many people avoid dentists, poor oral health might contribute to various diseases and conditions, including: endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy and birth according to Mayo Clinic. So while Bill was out hunting for the lowest price, he caused his body harm.

Choosing an expert who knows his field

Finally, yesterday, he went to check out Dr. Krasowki. He just wanted to see what he thought so he scheduled a preliminary appointment.

When he got home, I asked him what he thought. He was impressed! (I wasn’t surprised.) I asked what he liked about Dr. K. “He really knows what he’s talking about. It’s not your standard dental office. He really takes his time and he explains everything to you.”

I asked Bill what he was going to do. He said he was going to have the procedures done there. I didn’t ask for the details, I guess I just was thrilled he was moving forward. But I did ask when. He told me they would be starting today. I looked at him funny. One day later. Guess he made his choice.

At the time, Bill didn’t really know what they would be doing on the first appointment. When he came home today, I asked what he had done. “Oh, a root canal and they started preparing for the next root canal that’s scheduled for January 10.” Remember, this is my husband who waited forever trying to find the lowest price and now he knows that sometimes you are just better off with quality.

Are you holding back because you want the lowest price?

Job seekers are often like my husband, holding back to look for the lowest price or trying the do-it-yourself method. But if you struggle as a job seeker, maybe you would be better off selecting a qualified expert who can guide you with strong job search strategies and value-driven career marketing materials. Your resume and LinkedIn profile introduce you to the hiring manager. Landing your next job will provide you and your family with the income to pay your bills.

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