Have you discovered the job search secret sauce?

Is there a job search secret sauce? It is obvious that some people think there is only one way to succeed. Unfortunately, rarely is this the right person.

Find your own job search secret sauce

What I have learned in many years of helping job seekers find their career happiness is the formula has to fit the person. One approach works for someone in one stage of their career and will not work for someone later in their career.

For example, when someone is just starting out in their career, it is important to show how they built relationships even in jobs not related to sales. I would include information about an early job in a totally different field for a student if it demonstrated how they worked with others or solved problems.

Later in life, when you can develop strong stories about specific achievements, your college jobs don’t matter much.

Figure out what matters to your market

In discovery with my clients, I look for the stories that create value for the next employer. When a client searched for a VP of Sales role, we talked through numerous stories. Of course, we included stories about revenue growth and sales leadership but when she told me this story, I had to include it:

  • Emerging Technologies – Spearheaded and implemented initiative connecting hospitals with technology.  Analyzed patient insurance benefits using iPads at the bedside to quickly determine coverage, which helped expedite the patient discharge process.

This story shows seeing the bigger picture and helping to solve a problem for the customer. It wasn’t so much about making the sale but about building relationships.

Oh, her new role? Vice President of Health System Sales.

Identify your value, your job search secret sauce

For another client, his value was in the process. He too had sales growth. He personally generated $20M in sales and $30M in company growth by winning Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients in a highly competitive market place. However, it was his process that did it.

Consultative Sales Process – Outperformed competition by using consultative sales process combined with solution selling to capture 75+ client (commercial employers)

As this 64-year-old client tells it:

 “Yes, only needed one shot. It was the one for which we customized the resume. Thanks for your help.” He is now Director of Sales for the company of his choice. Best of all, no move required. “No move required. I work from home. The culture is much better.”

The job search secret sauce for you is the one we identify as the best way to market your gifts and skills. In my years of working with job seekers, my favorite time is seeing the change as we find and showcase their unique value.

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