Why you don’t want to hire resume writers and why you should change your mind

Reason #1. Do it yourself. Don't hire resume writers

You don't want to hire resume writers because you told yourself or someone else told you to do this yourself.

Let's talk about that first.

Marketing yourself for a career isn't something you do every day. You may have up to 10 or more jobs in your lifetime but writing resumes is still not something most people do regularly.

Crafting a marketing document to capture your value isn't something most people feel comfortable doing.

Everyone should write their own resume, Myth or truth?

Myth. You read everyone should write their own resume because after all, don't you know yourself and your job story the best?

  • Are you a professional resume writer?
  • Does wordsmithing come naturally to you?
  • Do you regularly make notes of career successes so you have the background? (You should, but most people don't.)
  • You think today's resume looks like those you did in school, they looked simple. Wrong answer. Most schools don't come close to writing a good resume much less a job-winning resume.
  • My interactive process is brainstorming, writing, and coaching all rolled into one.

Do you hire other professional services?

Think back on other services you hire and ask yourself if you have the same reluctance. Here's a list of professionals I regularly pay for services and I bet you use some of these services too:

  • Hair Stylist — my hair would look ridiculous if I cut it myself and I need to look professional so I leave that to Becky at Halo Salon.
  • Plumber — no one in my family is trained in plumbing so we hired Jay's Plumbing to put in the new plumbing. Compared to the hack job my husband did when we moved in, Jay's plumbing is a work of art.
  • Accountant — I used to do my own taxes with Turbotax. As my business grew, I wondered if I was missing deductions. Since 2010, I hire Dick Yaeger and his team at Krause Howard & Company.
  • Financial Advisor — Financial wisdom is needed by everyone so when Ben Peterson from Edward Jones presented his services, I made note. We have miles to go before we get to the right place but Ben has made great suggestions to keep us on the right road. His values match ours and it was a delight to find him at our new church.

From these services and more, I am sure you hire professionals for services you need. Trusted advisers are key to making things work or making you work. Think about doctors, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, and others that you hire because you know they can do a better job than you do.

Reason #2 — Cost. Hiring a Resume Writer costs Money

It does and so do the services mentioned above. For someone making $50,000, this averages $961.54 per week. Given that logic, my Preferred Package is $1347 and has 15 hours of interactive writing and coaching time with me. If you earn the $50K salary, you make up that amount in less than two weeks. By working with me, you won't make the usual job search mistakes and find your next job much quicker. (Many of the people I work with make far more than $50,000 annually but it was an easy example.)

Reason #3 — Fear. What if it doesn't work?

I work live and interactive with people who hire me. As an active participant in every session, you have a voice in the total writing process. After each session, you get a copy of work in progress to mull over and think about other stories that come to mind. 30+ years of writing resumes makes me very qualified to create the best marketing documents and tools to help you find your next role.

Sometimes I coach harder if you aren't making a strong effort to use the resume or not using it wisely. Applying online is not the solution to get a job. You need to use networking strategies with decision makers and hunt for those hidden jobs but I coach you how to do it effectively.

If you are trying to decide if you need career marketing help or whether hiring a resume writer makes sense, contact me.

Why you don\'t want to hire  resume writers and why you should change your mind

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