What to do when you hit an unexpected roadblock

What to do when you hit an unexpected roadblockUnexpected roadblocks can scare us. They can make us run in the other direction or they can make us hold our ground and find a solution.

My life often seems to be a series of unexpected roadblocks. I can give in or work harder to figure out how I am going to solve the next one.

Yesterday’s unexpected roadblock

One of yesterday’s roadblocks came in the form of an email from one of my security providers for this blog. They let me know that Google is changing the rules for websites when a new version of Chrome rolls out this month.

Apparently, you can’t have just an http for your site if you have log-ins or payments enabled, you need an https site. I needed to have an SSL certificate for the website since I have PayPal integrated into my site.

What did I do? First, I verified that what I was reading was true not something my security provider was suggesting to sell something else. Then I researched options.

Next, I asked for advice and help from my trusted technology advisor. He understood the problem, found a solution, implemented the solution, and then both of us tested the solution. It worked.

There will always be another unexpected roadblock

Sorry to tell you, but there is always another one around the corner. The car won’t start, someone gets sick, the plumbing breaks, you hurt yourself, or you lose your job.

What do you do when you run into an unexpected roadblock?

  • Make sure your information is correct. Today’s mentality is to react without verifying. Don’t go into panic mode without checking the facts.
  • Check for options calmly. You can’t think through a problem when you are in a frenzy.
  • See if you can solve the problem.
  • Ask for advice.
  • Hire a expert who can make sure that your solution works.

By the way, our plumbing is on the fritz too. The specialty provider who resolves major clogs will be here Thursday. I wouldn’t let my husband start taking pipes apart in my basement. Sometimes you just need an expert.

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