Are you holding the future hostage?

What does holding the future hostage mean?

Too many people throw in the towel early when things don’t go right. If you hold that attitude, I can guarantee you will fail.

Every day you can start over and do it over. No matter how far you are from January 1, a day when people traditionally make plans for the future and hope to start anew, you can start over. Most people have thrown those plans away the first week in January. I suggest that if you are one of those people, you miss opportunities.

Why you should never hold the future hostage

I launched Design Resumes in 1983. In those years, I had many opportunities and many changes. I remember telling a Junior Achievement class in 1999 that someday my business would be global.

At that point, I had my website URL but it wasn’t hosted. I held until January 2009 before I launched the first version of this site.

Global was so far away at the time. However, I still told this 8th grade class that the world was getting smaller and you had to look to the future from that perspective.

Today, I can say that I have worked with clients in the UK, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Jakarta, Sri Lanka, Canada, and throughout the United States.

One of my clients told me that the world is getting flatter, meaning that we are more connected every day. I get that.

You can communicate in seconds around the globe.

My new web design firm is in Puerto Rico. We met using Zoom, just like I do with my clients and use Asana as our project management software.

What if adversity strikes?

Not what if. It will. If I quit when things didn’t go my way, I would have been out of business years ago.

Do I hate a down month? Of course. Does it scare me? Sure.

Life will be challenging but it doesn’t mean you should hold the future hostage. You can start over every single day, hour, minute of your life. The only losers are the ones who fail to get up.

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