How about you? are you bad at waiting?

I am horrible at waiting. Not all kinds of waiting but the kind when you want something to happen and it doesn’t.

You want a decision to be made but it is out of your hands. Someone else has to decide and you are waiting.

Let me tell you, any entrepreneur knows there is a lot of waiting when you run a small business.

Some of that waiting is very uncomfortable because you are not in control.

You know you can’t force action. Instead you just have to wait until someone else takes action.

Waiting is hard for job seekers too

This is the same for job seekers. You apply. And wait. You interview. And wait.

I get it. Waiting is hard. You want things to happen quickly so you can go on with your life.

You are reading this article because you hope I will tell you there is a shortcut. There really aren’t unless you are not being proactive. The job seeker who is waiting because he or she is playing the point and click game, hoping someone will call is not being proactive.

This is where you do have leverage.

You can contact people within the company. I tend to call them hiring decision makers. Hint: generally, they are not in the HR department. Rather, hiring decision makers are in the department you want to work in at the company.

  • If you are an engineer, the hiring decision maker is probably the director of engineering.
  • The director of nursing is who you want to speak to if you are a nurse.
  • If you are in IT project management, you are looking again for the leader of the department.

See the concept? You seek out people who need you in their area. Let them know your value. At the same time, you apply online if that is the way to get started but never leave it there. Go the extra mile. Stop waiting for them to call you.

I teach these concepts and many more while I am writing your resume. Hire me. Take action to get your job search moving and stop waiting for them to call you.

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