Every day you probably have 10 or more opportunity to help someone. Do you use those opportunities?

While this is a career-focused blog, I find that people who practice kindness are generally healthier and happier. In addition, I believe in the concept coined by Harvey MacKay of “digging your well, before you are thirsty.”

When I discuss the concept of networking with people, some of them draw a blank. The concept of digging your well is based on nurturing your network, which in essence is helping someone else.

Everyone downgrades social media and often rightly so but I still see hundreds of opportunities to help someone else on social media. Some days a kind word is all someone needs to change their focus.

Ask yourself how did I help someone this week?

What opportunities did you let slide by that could have been a help to another person?

  • Is your garden overflowing? Find someone who would enjoy some fresh vegetables?
  • Does your closet need cleaning? Do you have way too many sets of sheets in perfect condition? Selected three sets to donate so the linen closet is less crowded.
  • Do you know many authors or creators? Buy their products and leave a review.
  • Perhaps you love dogs, the Humane Society could always use someone who will walk the dogs.
  • Share someone’s writing, writers always like an audience. It isn’t hard on social media.
  • Like to read? Donate time in the Children’s library or at a nursing home reading out loud.
  • If you love to shop, take your elderly neighbor out with you.
  • Find someone who would enjoy going out for coffee and bring them with you.
  • If you have great organizational skills, help the new mother with organizing her home.

If you help someone every day, you might find health benefits

  • Helping others is beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing.
  • If you help others, you can reduce your stress, improve your emotional wellbeing, and even benefit your physical health.
  • Helping others brings a sense of belonging and reduces isolation.
  • My favorite – It helps make the world a happier place – it’s contagious!

As you think about how you can help others, recognize that those opportunities make the world a better place and give you a chance to build better networks. One of my favorite parts of my work is seeing clients help each other. Learn more about how I can coach you to be more effective in your networking.

dog-2645627_1920 How did you help someone this week?