How to conduct a proactive job search

How to conduct a proactive job search

Proactive job search? What is that? Let me tell you a story. LinkedIn informed me that one of my resume clients (we’ll call her Beth) landed her new role as an Estimator and Design Engineer.

Beth had recently been laid off from the Project Manager job she held for the past 6 years.

There was a chance the company would call her back, but Beth wasn’t going to wait around to see. She hired me to engineer her job search.

In proactive job search, you take charge

As a proactive job seeker, Beth inspired me with her creativity and tenacious spirit.

Starting with the resume, we uncovered robust and noteworthy stories that showed she could do the job. We described her philosophy of appreciating challenges because “it couldn’t be done” wasn’t an option for Beth.

Before we even began to write her LinkedIn profile, she submitted her new targeted, value-filled resume to roles she would enjoy. Beth was contacted for interviews quickly. My interactive style of resume writing had prepared her for interviews.

In proactive job search, you investigate the company

Beth had at least three offers on the table and she called me to discuss the pros and cons. One of the companies had changed leadership and it had a less than stellar reputation. After our discussion, she opted to pursue other offers.

From start to finish, this client was proactive:

  • Beth started her job search early and didn’t wait through the lay off period.
  • She understood the value of investing in professional help and hired me to steer her job search.
  • Looking at her career analytically, she prepared with powerful and compelling stories of her contributions to his career.
  • Translated the resume stories to persuasive interview responses.
  • Selective in her targets
  • Investigated the companies.

Be like Beth. Conduct a proactive job search.

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