Hit the ball out of the park with your resume!

Hit the ball out of the park with your resume!

It’s almost baseball season. Every baseball player dreams of hitting the ball out of the park. It’s a phrase that even people who don’t watch baseball understand. Hit the ball out of the park. Get that home run. Win the game.

Will your resume hit the ball out of the park?

Unfortunately in job search, many people settle for resumes that never will hit the ball out of the park. Perhaps your resume might win a job but not your dream job.

Many people take their old resume they wrote in college or high school and just shove in the new jobs.

People ask me to just fix up their resume all the time. Just put the new information in and make it fit. But that’s not how I work, that’s not what you get when you hire me to write your resume.

  • I work with you to write a resume aimed to hit the ball out of the park.
  • The resume must capture who you are, what you bring to the table, and share your success stories in a way that gets you the home run — your dream job!

“You want the WOW in your resume, but you don’t know how to get the WOW.”

People who invest their time, and yes, their dollars, to work with me to uncover their value. We discover those stunning contributions they forgot while doing their job. My clients are winners and we let the world know by creating resumes to get interviews and land offers.

Winning resume strategies win jobs

When you seriously contemplate the value you created for your employers, your resume resonates with quantifiable results illustrating how hiring you will improve the bottom line or success rate for the company you target. You can’t just rewrite your job description and hope they will hire you. Tell them what you did to hit the ball out of the park. See below for examples:

  • Authored and designed detailed step-by-step loan processor training manual illustrating process improvement strategies used to reduce loan opening time by 36% and earned the ABC Bank Employee Service Excellence Award.
  • Created and ran an innovative day school treatment program as a demonstration model, which successfully graduated over 65 students previously expelled from school.
  • Boosted sales by $1.2 million  and achieved branch profitability for the first time in 9-year history after restructuring staffing and realigning accounts.
  • As Project Initiator and Manager for $1.4 million migration project, currently migrating regulatory and digital controls from obsolete control system to new state-of-the-art Honeywell Experion control system.

If you are not experiencing success in your job search or aren’t getting the attention from hiring managers, maybe it is time to change your strategy.

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