How to leverage powerful networking secrets

How use of powerful networking secrets differentiates you

You may notice some people just seem to ooze success. Wonder what it is they do that is different from the average man (or woman).

By learning how to leverage powerful networking secrets, successful people win jobs, contracts, promotions, and enjoy life. Is this a total mystery to you?

What is are powerful networking secrets?

Good question! To many people, networking is just a social event. Going to a networking meeting, Chamber of Commerce meeting, perhaps gathering business cards that will eventually catch dust. None of this will lead you to a powerful networking secret. Let’s think it through.

Powerful Networking Secret #1

Develop a networking plan or strategy. Amazingly, this is good advice for almost anything you want to do. Define your goal. Create a strategy. Even though finding a new job is a great reason for learning to network, it is generally the worst reason to start networking. Don’t get me wrong. It is always a good idea to develop a strong network but not when you are needy. This leads us to:

Powerful Networking Secret #2

Nurture your network. You must recognize that nurturing and cultivating a network means a long term plan. You are building relationships and to build solid relationships, you need time. Richer relationships can be developed when you recognize that you are not the only ones with needs, and that revelation leads to:

Powerful Networking Secrets #3

Help your network. When you are a lazy networker, you will be a taker. True networking means that you need to be able to give and receive. The post I wrote entitled “First Step in Networking: How can I help you?” This can be as simple as being a volunteer for an organization when you see a need you can fill or even helping tutor other students when you are in college.

Powerful Networking Secrets #4

Leave your comfort zone. It is far easier to network with people you know. You may even think that you need a networking buddy by your side. While it might be helpful to go to an event or meeting with someone, it is far better to decide in advance to separate once you are there.

You network better if you go out of your way to find people who you don’t know. Even if you don’t think you have anything in common with another person, find a way to meet.

You’d be surprised at how much in common you may have. Your network benefits from the diversity and you may be an asset to someone else.

This reminds me of a story. I was on an airplane flying home from a career conference a few years ago and I was seated next to a woman from a Middle Eastern country. She didn’t speak much English but somehow we figured out how to speak by sharing photos on our phones.

As she showed me pictures of her family, I showed her photos of mine. She explained that she was traveling to visit another son in Arizona.

I helped her get some orange juice from the flight attendant and when we parted, I felt like for that brief time, a total stranger and I connected. That’s what networking is, taking advantage of the opportunity to get to know someone else.

Powerful Networking Secrets #5

Learn to Listen. While everyone tells you to have an elevator speech and practice it, sometimes you will do much better if you listen to the other person and find out what you do have in common.

Powerful Networking Secrets #6

Follow-up. If you are at a business meeting and acquire business cards, you need to develop a plan to follow up. Most of the time, the cards are never used again or if they are, they are simply tossed in a drawer.

This reminds me of another story. I had a pharmaceutical sales client some years ago. When she wrote the thank you for the interview that she had but for a job she wouldn’t accept, she still took the time to remember that she and the interviewer had discussed a book she was reading. She sent a copy of the book to the interviewer — for a job she didn’t even want.

If you are not sure about how networking works, take some time to read over these powerful networking secrets and incorporate them into your life.

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How to leverage powerful networking secrets

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