How to make your LinkedIn connections more valuable

How to make your LinkedIn connections more valuableIf you used LinkedIn for some years, you may want to take another look at your LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn advises you to only connect with people you know.

I stretched that advice in the past to include people who might be future clients and others I didn’t know. Recently, I reanalyzed that strategy. In this technology-driven world, I think you can make the case that you don’t have to live in the same town or work with them to know someone.

Some friends on Twitter and Facebook I also connected with on LinkedIn because of our conversations or interactions in the past that made me feel connected.

Have you ever reviewed your LinkedIn connections?

Other LinkedIn experts recommend staying in contact with your connections. I agree but take it one step further. Periodically look at your connections and see if you can bring up a memory or reason to be connected.

Can you tell yourself a story about why you connected in the first place? Is there a good reason to be connected? These days we are connected to people on multiple platforms.

Some platforms are better than others for the type of relationship. Assess whether you are better off connecting on a different platform.

Staying connected with clients

On the other hand, after someone has been my client, it makes perfect sense to connect. I get to know my clients quite well in our sessions. My connections may be an asset to them in their job search.

In addition, LinkedIn is a great way to maintain the connection after delivering the initial services. I get notified of new jobs clients land, can celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, and keep them top of mind.

As a writer who creates a fair volume of content marketing for job seekers, I know some people who connected on LinkedIn to see my work. However, there are many other ways that people who like my content or want to stay abreast of what I am saying can stay connected without being one of my LinkedIn connections. If you would like to stay connected, here are other options:

Think about why you are connected on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was fairly misunderstood in the beginning. I have been on LinkedIn since 2006. I was clueless about what it was, what a force social media would become, and why it made sense to make your LinkedIn connections valuable.

Slowly, I reviewed my LinkedIn connections, think about each one to determine why I am still connected. If it makes sense to only connect with people on a different platform, I remove the connection. You want to be able to use those connections in the future. If you have no idea what made you connect in the first place, perhaps it is time to sever the ties or move the connection to another platform.

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