How to maximize job search success

How to maximize job search success

How can you maximize job search success?

Success is in the details. If you pay attention to the details, you will maximize job search success.

  1. Spell check everything. Your resume. Your cover letter. Your LinkedIn profile. Your emails. You may think that no one checks spelling but they do. You will create a much better first impression if you spell check and for some companies, your resume will be immediately tossed out for spelling errors.
  2. Make sure that you keep your address book current. When you need your network, you want easy accessibility to addresses and phone numbers of critical people who could help you network or be your references.
  3. Update your LinkedIn profile regularly. Your LinkedIn profile will be easier to find if it is refreshed with the right keywords and optimized to meet your career goals.
  4. Organize everything. It’s a busy world but both your paper files and your electronic resume files should be easy to find. I can’t tell you how many clients have called to say they can’t find their resume.
  5. Make sure your computer works and use virus programs, malware protection, and update regularly. No one wants to be in a job search and find that your computer has crashed.
  6. Keep track of your accomplishments. Again when you are scrambling to pull together a dynamic, job-winning resume, you need to know what you did. Our memories fade. Write down your accomplishments and put them in a safe place either on your computer or in a paper file. This is probably the most crucial point to maximize job search success. Not only is it hard to write a resume without these critical job search success stories but you will take command of the interview if you have a good handle on your resume success stories. No one wants to be fumbling for the right answer or be clueless when you are facing the interviewer.

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