Can you reorganize your LinkedIn recommendations?

An executive client who has multiple LinkedIn recommendations and wanted them in a specific order asked me if I knew a way that the recommendations could be moved and reordered. This worked in 2013 but no longer works in 2020.

Is there still value to LinkedIn recommendations?

You may already know that your LinkedIn recommendations are a solid way to help the reader hear about your value from someone else other than you. When someone sends you a recommendation, as they write it, they are presented with a choice as to how they know you.

The person recommending you can identify where you worked with them, what role you held and how they knew you.

There is value both in getting LinkedIn recommendations and in giving LinkedIn recommendations.

How do you write quality LinkedIn Recommendations?

I would recommend that you write in a Word Document or in Evernote so that you can edit before you paste it into LinkedIn. Sometimes the pressure of trying to write recommendations makes us hurry through the process.

Concentrate on the value the other person brought to the organization. Too often the word recommendation creates a mindset that you are trying to tell someone specifically that the person would be a good hire. This comes off sounding trite.

Concentrate on what you liked about working with a person. How did they make a difference in the organization? What makes them unique? What are their superpowers?

Can your LinkedIn recommendations be repurposed?

When someone has given you a LinkedIn recommendation, it is visible to the world. The recommendations can be cross purposed on your resume, used as snippets in your cover letters, and added as testimonials on your website.

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Can you reorganize your LinkedIn recommendations?

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