Resume stories at one time brought questioning glances and raised eyebrows. Today’s resume evolved significantly and serious job seekers at least know there is such a thing as resume stories. Yet even with improved education about resumes, most people are still trying to write job description resumes.

How do you transform a job description resume to one with resume stories?

Ask yourself what happened as a result of your actions. Let’s try a very simple example:

I swept and mopped the floor

Very basic, right. Job description language.

Try this to transform to resume stories

I swept and mopped the floor to remove the debris, ensure the cleanliness of the area, and adhere to city health regulations.

To write in resume-speak, you would remove the word, “I” because in a resume, I is always implied. Resume writers remove any “the”s and “a”s unless needed for the context. Next we would look for results.

Swept and mopped floor to remove debris, ensure cleanliness, and adhere to city health regulations, leading to three straight months of passing health inspections and a commendation from corporate for above average performance.

I recognize we are speaking about cleaning floors but by using a very basic example, hopefully it makes sense to most readers.

You don’t want to stop the sentence without telling the story. Explain the value you provided throughout your resume.

Does your resume showcase your value with resume stories?

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