Is today the day you need to make a change?

You think you have it all together. You are what is called a functioning alcoholic. You get up every day and go to work and you work hard, even effectively for 8 to 10 hours.

Why make a change? All is good

But the minute you get home, you grab your 12 pack or your bottle. You begin consuming an inordinate amount of alcohol. Depending on whether you remembered to eat during the day, you may actually get physically sick after you consumed your alcohol. As disgusting as it sounds, you feel better after you throw up. You may have blotches all over your face from the force of getting rid of that alcohol. You lose control of your hands or perhaps they shake all the time.

You may tell people you are an alcoholic or you may still be in denial. You may have either had to go to rehab because you were forced by the court or you chose to go to counseling or rehab at least once but you didn’t have the willpower to change at that point.

Timing a change to meet your deadline

You lose the support of family members. Perhaps your parents threw you out and you crashed with friends. Your parents had tired of losing sleep wondering when you would stagger in or wondering if you had frozen in a snowbank on the way home. They tired of being embarrassed at family gatherings when you consumed so much alcohol and fell asleep when the guests were still there. Sometimes you were mean, you either entered into a diatribe of the blame game or actually threw things at people or walls.

Perhaps you have set goals as to when you will make a change. Perhaps you think that if you would have children you would stop drinking or using drugs. If you met the right woman or man, you say you would stop drinking. But if you entered into a relationship or two, it is rocky and you probably were left by at least one partner. If you have children, you are rarely a supportive parent, your habit takes priority over everyone and everything else in your life.

Your work

You think it is not affecting your work but people are talking behind your back and you have already lost a job or three because of your habits.You don’t have the job you dreamed about when you were younger. Your job is ok but it is a far cry from the career you planned.

You are angry at the world. You think that if you stop drinking your world will fall apart. You think that you have already ruined so many brain cells that you have no potential to reach the goals you set early in life. You once found learning easy. It is hard now.

Is today the day you need to make a change?

For at least one person reading this, you are finally ready. You had enough of your habit, enough of the problems it causes and you now have the courage to try. You need to do this for yourself because if you do it for anyone else, it won’t work. But if deep inside, you know you have had enough and you recognize yourself here, take the first step and find a qualified counselor who can help you find the services you need.

What will happen? You can start your life over again. It won’t be easy but it will be better than the life you have been living for a very long time. You will then be able to focus on your other goals and take the steps to reach the career of your dreams. It is not too late. Is today your day? Read more.

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