Job search 101: Know how and where to store your resume

A long time ago, I wrote a very popular post entitled, “Where did I put that resume?” In it, I gave these instructions:

Create a file folder in your computer

I only work in Windows so I will provide my suggestion for that operating system but the concept should carry over.

1. Create a file folder within Documents, label it Resumes – Your Name (in case you share the computer with other family members, they should have their own folder.)

2. In the file folder put your career search and career- related information, suggest your:

  • Resume
  • Additional versions of your resume
  • Cover letter
  • References
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Assessment reports
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Networking contact list

3. After you get your new position, continue to add to the folder with accomplishments, achievements, and milestones so that the next time you need to create the resume, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Do you know how to save your resume?

For some readers this will be too Job Search 101. Bear with me. I still get clients who struggle with saving the resume from an email.

  • One: click on the attachment in the email (usually a paperclip) and tell it to download, which used to be “save as.” Most likely, when you download, it will go to your downloads.
  • Two: move it from your downloads to a folder labeled resume or job search in your documents.
  • Three: when you apply for a job online and it asks you to attach your resume, click on Browse which will take you to your own folders on your computer and select your resume.
  • Bonus Step Four: If they ask for a cover letter, give them one and make sure it also is chock full of accomplishments and success stories.

Keep a hard copy too!

Though I love technology, I learned from experience you really need hard copies too. Electronic filing cabinets and paperless offices may be the new norm. However, a good hard copy will save you if you experience a technology meltdown.

Email your important documents to yourself or use online back-up

I’m writing this while Hurricane Sandy is still hitting the East Coast. Many people will have lost much more than their resumes. By emailing yourself important documents and using online services such as Carbonite for online backup, you can retrieve your important data when disaster strikes.

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