Are you conducting Job Search Research Resume Writer Style?

Are you conducting Job Search Research Resume Writer Style?The opportunity to do job search research is every where. Wherever I go, I am conducting mini research and studying the different roles and the jobs they do.

Job Search Research at the Dentist

During a recent visit to the dentist, I found myself once again doing my research. The dentist I go to  is close to my house and very diverse in the services they offer. My goal was to find someone who could provide a broader range of services without needing to find another specialist.

As a resume writer, I worked with many clients in the dental field and even been an industry speaker for seminars for multiple years. However, I still learn every time I go to the dentist. I gain insight in the tools of the trade and the latest in dental processes. I study the interaction between all of the staff and build an understanding of their specific roles.

I ask questions when I don’t understand. Not only does this make my experience in the dental office better, it adds to my research.

Job Search Research wherever you are

I conduct research mentally whenever I go somewhere, I do the same in restaurants, hospitals, law offices, and community events. Just as I study operations and what makes them work, you can do the same thing.

I find that the most successful people  keep examining, researching and learning.  Process improvements and strategic planning are key buzz words today. People who keep their minds active when they are in a new atmosphere may learn things to help them in the future.

How to do job search research in the interview waiting room

Certainly when you get to an interview stage of a job search, use the time in a waiting room to learn more about a company. Eyes and ears wide open rather than reading a magazine gives you an edge over the competition.

Study a job target and its competition in advance

As you look for a job in a public business, visiting it as a customer prior to being a job seeker will help you. If you study both your company of choice and its competition, you gain a broader base of experience to share when you get to the interview.

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