Job seeker, don’t be afraid of the phone!


Why is it that picking up the phone to call someone when you are in a job search is so hard?

The resume or job search follow up

You look at the website. It could be an employer, a staffing firm, or even a networking connection. You don’t want to dial that phone. Why? You are afraid of the no.

Maybe you got shot down once. Maybe you fear being shot down. You are afraid of rejection. Instead of using the resources available to you, you sit on your hands and try anything but picking up the phone.

Did you submit your resume?

Sometimes you didn’t even get that far. Perhaps someone in your network even mentioned your name or forwarded your resume and told you to call. But you can’t pick up that phone and dial. You will not get a job if you are afraid of speaking to anyone who can help you.

11 tips for your phone in your job search

If you are not sure how you should use the phone in your job search, start by reviewing my list of 11 tips. Here is #8:

8. → Should I use the phone to find leads?

Absolutely. You need to use your phone, your network, and all your resources. You can also find out from the receptionist the name and spelling of the name of the hiring manager if you are responding to a blind offer. Then put informational interviewing in place with people who are connected to the company.

How job search and sales are related

If you ask sales professionals what they struggle with, many of them will tell you that fear of rejection was the biggest problem they faced. Zig Ziglar and others created books and training programs to help people get over that fear. This is the same fear you face in a job search. But success is around the corner if you can make yourself make the call.

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