How to jump start your job search and win

How to jump start your job search and winJump Start? I live in Wisconsin and wise drivers always make sure they have a good set of jumper cables in their trunk.

Getting caught with a dead battery when temperatures can reach -30F is never fun but being ready assures you can reach your destination.

Is your job search stalled? Jump start your job search with these 3 tips!

Start by examining your resume:

  • Did you incorporate your best resume stories to help you show your value?
  • Is your resume quantified with results and numbers?
  • Have you analyzed job descriptions to see what key words are critical for your field?

A compelling resume is the first tool every job seeker needs

If you start out your job search with a ho-hum, boring resume, you fail. When your resume looks like the ones in high school or Microsoft template resume, you stall your job search.

You can be sitting in the cold without a job for a long time because you don’t have the right tools.

Does your LinkedIn profile resonate with your value?

Occasionally I still hear job seekers say, “What’s LinkedIn?” If you are in a job search and you have not started using LinkedIn, your job search engine is stuck.

Today hiring managers look at LinkedIn before hiring. When they are seeking specific skills, LinkedIn points them to candidates with the right skills.

It is critical for you to be on LinkedIn and critical for you to jump-start your LinkedIn profile by optimizing it with the right keywords and stories. Don’t be boring!

Are you missing your network?

Jump start your job search by engaging with people who are ready and willing to help you. Don’t sit out in the cold hoping someone else will come along. Go find your network and let them know your value.

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