Why do you lack motivation to win a new job?

Sometimes a person will lack motivation in general. However, lack of motivation increases when you keep hitting negative responses. Starting something new or even continuing something when you don’t see immediate results can yield lack of motivation.

Face it, job search is hard and it is easy for you to lack motivation when you don’t see how you are going to solve the problem or find that new job. There is so much information online and much of it conflicts with the advice you get elsewhere.

Where do I start with my job search?

You should always start with the resume. One of the first things that new clients say to me is how different their resume looks than the ones I use in the Project Roadmap stage of strategizing a plan for their resume.

Too many people create a vanilla resume with no focus on their accomplishments.

Perhaps the only time they were taught resume writing was in high school or college. Often instructors have no special training in resume writing and rely on dated textbooks.

The wrong methods of resume writing keep perpetuating themselves. The resume writing industry itself is very diverse. There are many talented professional resume writers who carefully have built their skills and continually invest in learning.

However, there are get-rich-quick artists who prey on needy job seekers, often promising more than they can deliver. Those people may charge less but you are buying into a resume mill instead of someone who really understands resume writing and cares about the client results.

Choosing the right help and advice can be hard. Many of my clients come from earlier successful clients so they know the results I give. Others subscribed to this blog for a time and analyzed my free advice prior to investing.

Whether you do your resume yourself or hire an expert, make sure you delve deep into what a job-winning resume looks and sounds like.

Forget the templates. Templates just make you look like everyone else. Be original and tell your career story!

Why do you lack motivation?

Sometimes it has to do with rejection in the past. If you have looked online only and either getting no reply or a negative reply, you may think you will never find that new job.

One problem I see happening with many job seekers that they only look to applying online options. Changing this mindset is key to job search success but it is also scary. Many job seekers are uncomfortable with asking networking connections for help in finding their next role.

Often I coach clients to think like a salesperson. A good salesperson expects the NO. This salesperson understands that every No is closer to a YES.

After you have a job-winning resume, bring that content and those resume stories to LinkedIn. Make sure you understand the value of LinkedIn and how it works. When I show all the benefits of LinkedIn, my clients are amazed. But it only works if you use it.

Do you lack motivation to continue in your job search? My interactive resume writing and career marketing services can help with that. Let me tell you how.

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