When did you last update LinkedIn with your current employment?

Did you know that many people fail to update LinkedIn Profile after they land a new job? I know, figuring out the right time is tough.

  • Do you update LinkedIn Profile on your job when offered?
  • Should you wait until the first day?
  • Is it better to get a month on board?
  • What if I forget to update LinkedIn?
  • Should I update for internal promotions?

Let’s address these one by one.

Should you update LinkedIn Profile on the day you are offered the job?

This might be obvious but the answer is no. Offers can be rescinded or since you are on the market until you start the job, you could get a second offer and choose that one. In either case, don’t update LinkedIn on the day the job is offered.

Do you wait until the first day on the job?

Again, it may be wiser to wait until you have some time on the job. However, if the company wants everyone to know you are their new Vice President of Software Development, follow their lead. LinkedIn is never just a job board. It is a professional network that benefits you throughout your career but it also represents your employer.

A smart employer knows that marketing is everywhere today. A robust LinkedIn profile clearly showing the talents of the employees the company hires is a benefit to the whole company.

Should you wait for a month before updating your LinkedIn profile?

This would be my suggestion unless your new employer wants it sooner. You don’t need much content to post this new role. However, if your LinkedIn profile is filled with creative and interesting content, at least parallel that with enough to tell what you will do. You can come back later (and you should) to fill in your accomplishments that line up with the company goals and brand.

What if you forget to update?

If you are a proactive career professional, you use a tool like Todoist (my personal favorite) to set a task with a date in the future. You would set a task to update LinkedIn when you are hired for a month down the road. If you forgot, no worries, just update it as soon as you remember. Spend some time thinking of your best accomplishments if you already have time on the job.

Should I update LinkedIn for internal promotions?

Absolutely! You are showing that your employer values you. It also keeps your LinkedIn profile current with your new job title.

Any other tips on LinkedIn Profile updates?

  • Don’t forget to update your former job with the ending date. When I write LinkedIn profiles, I never use months — just years. But put the ending year in when you update with the new job unless you changed it previously.
  • Do you have community roles in your job section? Use the Volunteer or Professional Organization sectors for this role. LinkedIn reminds your connections of your work anniversary for anything listed as present in the Experience section.
  • Frequently review your LinkedIn content to add new skills and make sure everything aligns with your brand.

I see LinkedIn as a key component of your professional image. As a professional resume writer, LinkedIn profile training and writing are key components of all three of my resume packages. Are you ready to make a career move? Let me be your guide.

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