Let’s Talk Personalization

In this fast-paced world, people rush to communicate. Much of the time, Personalization is ignored.

Jim Connolly  posted “what is your biggest marketing challenge?” to ask his readers what they would like in the way of his help. His marketing expertise is well known and I read his posts regularly.

He’s talking about all kinds of options: lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, mail shots (direct mail), networking, retail marketing, referrals, joint ventures, etc. so go there and leave your comment about what you would like to learn.

Staying connected in today’s world

His post reminded me of a conversation I had with a client who is a business owner. He does marketing too, only a very targeted type to a specific audience. He has customers and clients that he wants to continue to connect with in the future.

My client asked me what I thought of an automated product that sends cards to your base. The cards can be personalized with your signature and with what you want to say. He said he didn’t have time to do it himself.

Personalization still makes an impression

I argued that I really didn’t like that and showed him my mail basket. I can’t keep up. If you really want my attention, you hand address a thank you note – your handwriting – not a computer and most likely, buried as I am, I will still open it.

I live my life with technology and I love it… but if you are trying to show me you care about me, you can’t use a service to do it. I give my clients the same advice — use a personal touch.

If you are planning a job search, figure out how you can personalize your approach. Need some help, check here.


  1. Dan on February 24, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Anything done by an automated bot, for the purpose of staying in touch with your customers or friends = failure. A personal touch, no matter how busy you are, is the only way to keep those connections.

  2. Bridget Haymond on February 25, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more! In fact, I get insulted when I receive something from a machine that is attempting to appear handwritten. It’s like they are trying to fool me, and that does not create and good will with me at all.

    Connecting with your customers is all about keeping it real.

    Great post Julie!
    .-= Bridget Haymond´s last blog ..Yes We Should Celebrate Success! =-.

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