Should your LinkedIn profile photo ever be a logo?

In a word? NO! As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or company owner, your LinkedIn profile photo is your head shot.

Differences between a LinkedIn profile photo and LinkedIn Company page logos

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn provides company pages and personal profiles. Your LinkedIn profile photo is your photo. On your LinkedIn company page, you should have a logo. Identify the LinkedIn Company page with your profile photo somewhere within the page, if you seek to make sure people know it is your company.

To show your new business or brand on your LinkedIn profile page, upload the logo to your summary. Better yet, link to the LinkedIn company page when you enter your role with the business.

When someone replaces their LinkedIn profile photo with their company brand, I cringe. Why would anyone avoid the most critical element of LinkedIn, their personal photo. Rather than opening the door to networking, they are pushing people away.

The Institute of Internal Communication article entitled, “The value of LinkedIn for creating real business relationships” writes:

Also, it’s a commonly held belief that if you don’t have a photo on LinkedIn, you’re less serious about your profile. Your profile is 21 times less likely to be looked at.

The value of LinkedIn to your job search and marketing

Gwen Moran in an article entitled, “This is What Recruiters Look for on your LinkedIn profile” says:

When you’re looking for a job, your LinkedIn profile is a 24/7 information resource for the recruiters who are looking for talent. In fact, in the Jobvite 2016 Recruiter Nation Report, 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process.

If you fail to treat LinkedIn as a serious platform or only a job seeker platform, you miss the bus. LinkedIn takes you far beyond job search if you are a professional who understands the value of networking.

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