How long will it take me to find my next job?

to-reach-2697951_1920-1024x435 How long will it take me to find my next job?

When I talk to people about finding their next job, they have differing expectations. Some think it will be easy, others recognize that it can take time to find the next role. Others set unrealistic expectations.

How long to find the next job?

The reality is finding the next job differs by the person, the field, the economy, and the job search strategy. For example, when a Facilities Manager on the West Coast recently called me to celebrate his next role, he told me it took 21 days. He is a high value candidate who has an outstanding resume. It took 21 days last time he worked with me too. He wondered if this was typical. No, it isn’t!

Even top quality candidates can struggle to find the right job.

One client in Texas took more than a year to find his new Corporate Tax Director role in the energy field. However, there were many extenuating factors. He started his job search with a year long non-compete agreement banning him from a job in the energy industry. In addition, the oil and energy field is just recovering after a long struggle during the recession. A few offers were too low for his salary level.

Guaranteed that no matter how prepared you are, finding the next job can take time.

What factors influence your success in finding a new job?

Does your resume and LinkedIn profile demonstrate successful resume stories that show your value? This is critical! If you are trying to market a low value resume and hoping for high value jobs, you will be disappointed. You also will lose out to job seekers who were wise enough to create high value resumes and LinkedIn profiles that showcase their contributions to the success of their past companies.

Are you active on LinkedIn?

One of my recent clients won her new Director of Client Relations role because someone saw her profile and recognized that her skills could be a benefit to his company.

How are you seeking?

If you are only applying online, you might not even be found if you are in a crowded career path even if your resume stands out. You need to be using a quality resume combined with an active job search networking strategy.

Are your interview skills top-notch?

If you are struggling to communicate in the interview, it adds to your job search time. Perhaps you need interview coaching. Do you talk too much? Are you stumbling over your words? Do you have stories to demonstrate your value to the company?

How long will it take you to find your next job?

Everyone is different. Your goal is to make sure you have all the bases covered to speed up the time if possible. I can help you make sure you are ready, read this.