How to make your LinkedIn brand clear

Is your LinkedIn brand clear? One of the averages of social media is that you can speak to anyone anywhere in seconds. It can be a disadvantage at the same time.

How to promote your LinkedIn brand

What an amazing tool LinkedIn can be! Not only is your LinkedIn profile an opportunity to sell your brand but your message can be shared so many ways on LinkedIn.

When you share a message on LinkedIn’s home page, you can showcase your expertise. Are you an engineer? Share articles about engineering. What if you are in Information Technology? Share emerging technology or new applications. If you are in Marketing, share articles that discuss  marketing strategies or communication tools.

Will promoting your LinkedIn brand make a difference?

When you promote content that matches your areas of expertise, it can bring new eyes to you and your profile. If you sound like an industry expert, people seeking your kind of talent will be draw to it. Now understand that in an age where there is almost too much information, it can be easy to be ignored. However, there is much content out there that will attract readers, so spend some time selecting it.

Do you have the courage to use the LinkedIn blogging platform?

Writing is a gift that not everyone has but more people ignore the option to blog on LinkedIn that should be using it. If you are able to write engaging content, you should consider promoting your brand on LinkedIn.

I admit that I don’t use this opportunity much. LinkedIn would allow me to speak to people who might never come to my blog but I still tend to put most of my content here. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea for me or for you.

Think about the best ways to draw attention to your brand (your area of expertise) on LinkedIn and start making yourself more visible.

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