How to make LinkedIn work for you

If you can’t seem to make LinkedIn work for you, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle with how to use LinkedIn effectively. Most people come into LinkedIn with little knowledge about what it is or how it works.

How to make LinkedIn work for you

Let’s start with the basics:

Complete your LinkedIn profile. As simple as that sounds, I find top executives with bare-bones profiles.

  • The excuse I hear other people give: “I guess they are in such demand, top executives don’t need to have a good profile.” I would guess the reason is the same as other people.
  • They didn’t know the value so they put in little effort. After working with many executives, many of them are just as clueless as anyone else on how to create a marketable profile. (Hint: it is much easier to write a high caliber resume first and then translate to LinkedIn)

Get a quality profile photo.

Professional photographers are better able to get the headshot right without making rookie mistakes on lighting, background, and color. Generally, a selfie is a bad idea, if you aren’t going to hire a pro photographer, find a friend talented with the camera and shoots people well.

Complete your Headline.

My headline is created to help people hire me but you get the idea — show your Value and what makes you Unique:

Multi-Certified Resume Writer ★ LinkedIn Profile Writer who uses interactive strategies to reach your job search goals!

Write your LinkedIn Summary. 

This section is often left blank by job seekers. Your summary introduces you to the market and should sound friendly and tell your value. You have 2000 characters.

Can you make LinkedIn work for you to get out of the Black Hole?

Yes, but you have to use it. Simply being there isn’t enough.

I teach job seekers how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to find decision makers beyond HR and recruiters. However, you need to be reaching out to those who care about hiring you not just the gatekeepers. LinkedIn gives you clues so you can be a detective.

My guided process teaches you how to use LinkedIn and understand it.

You spend time with me visually understanding LinkedIn better and creating your profile. I write your profile so there is no guessing whether you use it correctly or put the right information in your profile.

My clients work ONLY with me for their resume and LinkedIn and they know I have their personal interests in mind.

This morning I messaged with a client in the UK who has an offer on the table in IT Service Management with one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

Yesterday, another client let me know he has a new role as a Vice President of a leading Global Communications Marketing Firm in Washington DC. Even though he is a talented communications professional, he hired me to help him communicate his value.

Won’t you feel better with someone in your corner helping you create a job-winning resume and teaching you how to make LinkedIn work for you?

Land your dream job! Design Resumes helps job seekers via interactive and personalized strategic coaching sessions to land their ideal job and achieve career happiness. Find out how to create your resume writing and job search solution here!


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