What you need to know about 3 critical LinkedIn settings

3 critical LinkedIn settings and how they work.

When I teach job seekers about LinkedIn, I always start with the settings and privacy.

My interactive and collaborative method of delivering services as a professional resume writer spans more than the resume. It allows the job seeker to better understand how networking works and how to leverage LinkedIn as a lifelong professional network.

First of 3 critical LinkedIn settings

Sharing Profile edits Should we let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies?Most of the time, it doesn’t hurt if you share small edits to your profile. I’ll explain why in just a little bit. However, when you are making large changes or updates to your profile and you are already well connected, turning of this toggle switch will make sure you don’t fill your networks feed with each item you change. “Bob added a new position.” “Suzanne added education.”

critical LinkedIn settings

  • Insider TIP — The new version of LinkedIn also offers you the chance to turn off notifications on the edit screen or alerts you that your edits will not be shared. You may see a toggle switch in the edit screen when you add new sections. I also tested my existing positions and did not get the toggle switch but did if I added a new job.

Critical LinkedIn Settings #2

NEW Job Seeking Options in Settings — LinkedIn just added the Job Seeking controls to the privacy settings, previously these were only on the jobs page and somewhat hard to find.

critical LinkedIn Settings

The top setting lets the recruiter or hiring manager who posted the job see your full LinkedIn profile even when you leave LinkedIn to apply on a different website. The second setting has both the recruiter permission switch and the filters for career interests that define your job search. Even if you don’t want to let recruiters know you are looking because you are concerned your company recruiters might also get the notice, setting your career interests will still filter the jobs recommended to you.

How to use Critical LinkedIn Setting #3

Viewers of this profile also viewed

This is a toggle switch: Should we display “Viewers of this profile also viewed” box on your Profile page? More important than your own page is how you can leverage this feature on other people’s pages.

The new LinkedIn version limited some of the search functionality for titles. Perhaps those will return in the future, but you can use the Viewers of this profile also viewed to find others from the same company with the titles you seek. It isn’t a guarantee but just a possible way of searching.

For example, if you find the Director of Engineering, you may be able to find the Senior Director of Engineering for the same company on his or her Viewers of this profile also viewed.

LinkedIn is constantly changing settings and features. By regularly exploring them, you may find advantages you didn’t know.

BONUS Critical LinkedIn Setting

Critical LinkedIn Settings

You may find it helpful if you wanted to give someone a recommendation or ask someone to give you one. Look for this at the top of the recommendation area.

LinkedIn profile writing and my popular LinkedIn Tour and Coaching are included in my Essential package because I consider LinkedIn an essential strategy to your career and professional networking strategy.

LinkedIn will always change. You can count on me to keep you informed!

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