What if you suddenly found new opportunities for job search?

What if you suddenly found new opportunities for job search?

Everyone is always looking for better solutions, new opportunities.

Would new opportunities for job search that worked get you excited?

People ask me what I think is the best job board. Do I know any new job boards they should use? But I only see job boards as a necessary evil. LinkedIn has great job postings but if everyone applies to the same postings, it doesn’t really matter which board you use.

What is critical to help you find new opportunities?

Rather than looking for the best job board, look for the best connection to the job you really want. If you worked within a company for a long time, you may give this very little thought.

One of the primary areas I coach my clients to focus to reconnect with people they already know and how to connect with people they lost contact with in the past. The best network is one you already built in the past. I know people have networks even when they say they don’t.

Never reconnect with someone solely to get a job!

If a salesperson is trying to sell to a new customer, he is not likely to start the conversation with asking for the order. Rather, the salesperson may introduce himself, explain who he represents and a little about what the company does. After he builds the relationship, then he can ask for the order. This may not happen in the first meeting.

When you connect with people for the first time, don’t shove your resume in their hands and tell them you want to be hired. There are many reasons that is the wrong approach but it is almost sure to lower your chances of success.

Patience grasshopper

As hard as networking can be, if you are effective in doing it, you will be much more successful. The best case scenario is to connect with your network throughout your career so it will be there when you need it.

  1. If that isn’t something you have done, start by connecting with your best contacts and scheduling calls, coffee, or lunch with them.
  2. Never ask for hours of their time.
  3. Ask for 10 minutes in a call to just touch base.
  4. You can let them know that you will be sending them an email with some ideas for your next career step.

Tips for the networking email

  1. Greet them with a friendly hello.
  2. Ask about their family or mention something personal like their last vacation or son’s graduation.
  3. Transition into your goal and a very specific target.
  4. Ask them to make you aware of people to connect with or positions that you know you could fill but be specific.
  5. Give them your link to your fully completed and well written LinkedIn profile.
  6. Describe your best attributes (think elevator speech – short concise)
  7. Tell them specific companies or goals that you would like.
  8. Provide contact information – email and cell phone.
  9. Thank them for anything they can do to help.

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