Oh woe is me, the sky is falling and other job search myths

Most people know the story about Chicken Little and the sky is falling, a European folk tale with a moral in the form of a cumulative table about the chicken who believes the world is coming to an end.

But in case you never heard the story, you can view the Chicken Little video below and learn how Chicken Little is confused and it is not true that the sky is falling.


Do you believe the sky is falling?

How often do we get scared like Chicken Little and think that the sky is falling? I know for a fact that I have been guilty in the past.

This morning I was reading this article by UK Marketing Coach, Jim Connolly, entitled: The feast or famine problem is bogus. Jim has always had a way of catching my attention with his titles. But this one really hit home. Like Chicken Little, I have been guilty of telling people that I live in a feast or famine world. As a solo entrepreneur, I assumed, maybe a bit like Chicken Little, that this was true.

But Jim Connolly says no. He says:

The feast or famine cycle is what happens when a business owner lacks control of their turnover/profits, because of ineffective or non-existent marketing.

A symptom of a marketing problem

Yes, that is what he says it is. I know he is right. I've had the privilege of excellent coaching in the last 10 years, which has made me aware that the feast and famine cycle can be reduced or eliminated if I invest in quality marketing strategies.

When I want to cry out the sky is falling, it is more likely I lowered my priority on what made my business grow and be successful in the past.

A symptom of a job search problem

Job seekers also suffer from "the sky is falling" viewpoint. They cry out:

  • There are no jobs
  • Jobs are all low pay
  • No one is hiring
  • Hiring managers don't get back to me

The reality is the job seeker is not marketing properly. Funny, that's often the same problem I have as a business person.

Don't get that in your head. Stop believing the sky is falling.

Prepare for your job search. Research what you need to be marketable. Don't be afraid to hire an expert with their pulse on hiring trends, best resume strategies, how to use LinkedIn effectively, and how to network successfully.

You can run around saying "the sky is falling" or you can do your homework and be successful. The sky isn't falling!

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