Is your online identity ready to be examined?

Is your online identity ready to be examined?Do you think your online identity could take the scrutiny of a political campaign? How about your online identity affecting your job search?

Listening to the political mess the United States is experiencing with two candidates who didn’t pass any litmus tests is a clue to how important your online identity and past is to your job search.

Check your online identity

Every word you say, every Tweet, Facebook status, and social media posting you make is part of your brand. Even when you are ranting about politics and being snarky, it is part of your brand.

Google yourself.

For some people, their political opinion is more important than their brand. Politicians have to do damage control. Do you realize that your online identity is influencing the opinions of those connected to you?

Though I generally stay in the middle, I am very disturbed at how vile people I respected became in this election. I can’t stand to be on Facebook anymore. There is too much meanness. I hope as a country we can come together again.

How does all this affect your job search? And your brand?

When you hit submit on many online applications, many companies launch an immediate Google search for your online identity. What will they find? For years I have cautioned job seekers to watch what they say online.Click To Tweet

Everything online is your brand — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and much more.  Think about what you say. It may last forever and be brought up years down the road.

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