How to overcome interruptions and keep your eye on the final goal

How to overcome interruptions and keep your eye on the final goal

It’s a struggle, isn’t it? We try to overcome interruptions that stop us from moving forward. In today’s world, interruptions are the norm.

Can you overcome interruptions?

What limits your ability to reach your goals? Many people blame the system or others for the interruptions but often we interrupt ourselves. We stop ourselves from doing the things to help us reach our goals.

However, at the same time, we find time for a myriad of inconsequential things that get in the way of us accomplishing what we need to do:

  • Social Media
  • Devices
  • Television
  • Worrying
  • Excuses
  • Fear

What stands in the way of your success?

If you are imprisoned by the top three (social media, devices, or television), start by recognizing the problem. Frequently, media describes how compulsive we are about social media and devices (phones, tablets, computers). Watch yourself to recognize the distractions caused by devices, social media, and the availability of constant information.

For job seekers, I find that the bottom three (worrying, excuses, and fear) take over even more. When you worry that you will not find the next job or that your savings will run out, the worry interrupts you. It stops you from taking action.

Often, it is easy to make excuses to not make a call or contact a networking connection. The driving force is often fear. Your fear is rejection. As a result, it becomes easier not to do anything or to busy yourself with other things. On the other hand, if you take the time to acknowledge the fear and press on anyway, you may find yourself one step closer to your new job.

Is your success is limited by interruptions? Identify the cause and create an action plan to overcome it. Strategy in your job search means that you find ways to overcome interruptions, even the ones you create for yourself.

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