Powerful resume tips to immediately transform your job search

Powerful resume tips to immediately transform your job search

Are you trying too hard? What’s the secret? Where do you find powerful resume tips?

Powerful Resume Tips to get the job

Stop keyword stuffing! Just stop trying so hard to get every single keyword that relates to the job into your resume.

I get it. Since I set up my first website, I became interested in what works to get traffic to my website. I’ve read many articles on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and even have one of the top books in my library. Actually, I have two of the same book (different years) recommended by a client who really is an SEO expert, SEO 2014 and SEO 2017.

I didn’t get around to reading the first one so I bought the update. But in the end, I will never be an SEO expert and I don’t even want to be. Most of this reading is just to satisfy my curiosity.

If I am so interested in what keywords are right to get people to go to my website, then you want keywords too, right? But what I learned in my discovery is that you can’t fool Google. What I really want to do is find the person who will hire me for my expertise and if I am marketing to humans, then keyword stuffing will not do it.

How did you help your employer succeed in the past?

What will bring my next client is telling them how I did the job for someone else. How did I write a resume that helped my client find the job of their dreams? One of my clients started a new job this week. She is the new Senior Vice President of Global Technology and Campus Recruitment.

How did we market her? Yes, we did use keywords but we made sure we told her story and sold her value. We demonstrated her ability to develop leaders and coach existing leaders to be more successful. We referenced her earlier success stories and injected quotes from leaders she had helped in the past.

Your value matters, tell the next employer what you did to help your last company

At the same time, I reminded her of her value. When you are losing your job or have already lost it, you often forget what makes you valuable. In our sessions, I helped her visualize her direction and when she became frustrated, I helped her find new avenues to search. On LinkedIn, she said this about working with me:

She gets to know her clients and in a collaborative fashion creates your story while aiding you in really understanding your strengths.

Don’t worry about getting every keyword right. Here’s one of my powerful resume tips — Focus on how to communicate your value to the reader. If you are an expert in your field, those keywords will naturally pop out. Keywords are just the tip of the iceberg. You want to find the person who will hire you in the company you desire after you have told your story in the resume. Take your job search to the next level. I’d love to help you do that.

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