Are you prepared to be examined like a candidate?

Are you prepared to be examined like a candidate?Embattled election with two candidates examined more closely than any in history. It doesn’t take a FBI investigation to examine you today.

It only takes someone with social media prowess to dig dirt up on anyone.

Would you survive the scrutiny of being examined like a candidate?

Let me tell you, I don’t think I would. Is that because I am not a good person? No, it’s because I know I am not perfect.

I know how easy it is for anyone to dig up dirt, trash talk, spin content, and partly give a story. How about you? Are you perfect?

In addition, it is very easy to spoof a whole website and make it look like the real thing to deceive millions.

If you are honest, you probably wouldn’t pass the scrutiny of an election either, especially in today’s social media environment.

Let’s translate to job search

Being examined like a candidate, especially a Presidential candidate, isn’t easy.

However, the challenge of being examined as a job seeker is just as difficult. You still have to know that your background can pass the test.

Today, employers have access to more personal information than they ever did in history. Anyone can get access to criminal records and credit records almost instantaneously.

Did you know that today’s employer often launches a Google search the minute you hit submit on your application? True! With that Google search, it opens the door to every Facebook post, Tweet, and photo you ever had as well as media reports.

Keep a handle on what you look like online and remember you are always being examined as a job seeker to see if you measure up compared to every other candidate. Will you win?

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