Should I pull myself out of the job search if I find a contracted job?

binding-contract-948442_1920-1024x683 Should I pull myself out of the job search if I find a contracted job?

Today, a contracted job can be very common. Many industries hire contract workers to fill roles when they don’t need full time staff or address project needs that will need additional experts.

These contracted employees cover every industry and can be defined very differently depending on the company you are contracted to work for and the agency that coordinates the contractors.

Do I stop looking for work when I land a contracted job?

Frankly, I don’t think you should ever pull yourself off the market. While you don’t have to say yes to new roles, I think you need to keep marketing yourself as a lifelong policy. Specifically, if you land a contract gig, I would never say I’m unavailable.

On looking for work after you are hired, don’t pull yourself out of the job search. Many recruiters and hiring managers are looking for the passive job seeker, the one that has the qualities they need but aren’t unemployed. Some experts suggest this makes you even more valuable. Since people are looking for passive candidates, they understand that you have to work around a schedule for interviews.

There is a delicate balance to this because changing jobs too often isn’t good either. You need to make good moves like in a chess game. Strategic job search and career management will keep you ready for the right opportunities while not create a job-hopping mentality.

The days of forever jobs are pretty much over.

Jason Alba (Creator of JibberJobber and author of I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?) always stresses the CEO of you concept. He says that in today’s market, you need to keep marketing you.

Continue to network and build a nurturing network to help others so they will be there when you need them. Update your resume periodically and make sure that your LinkedIn profile articulates your value.

Discover your value by working with me just like so many other happy professionals found when they hired me to lead them through career marketing.