Are you putting enough effort in your jobsearch?

How easy it is to settle! Ask yourself if you are putting enough effort in your job search. Most job seekers have to say no.

When do you know you are putting enough effort in your job search?

If you invest enough time into personalizing your job search, your results will go up.

What does personalizing your job search mean?

It is far too easy to shortcut your way through your job search. Slapdash a resume together with job description components and stick just the basics in LinkedIn.

This should be good enough, right?

Nope. Your job search has to start with authentic resume stories that uncover how you helped your last company. The next employer is looking to see how you will help his or her company.

If you focus only on a job description, you won’t tell them how you help, nor will you differentiate yourself from the pack. You will just be regurgitating the basics of the position.

What changes when you are putting enough effort in your job search?

Results happen. Putting enough effort in your job search means that your job search materials resonate with your value. More importantly, be confident enough to reach out to your network to find connection to the jobs you really want. Your messaging will be on point to show the network connections that you are the person they want.

Too often I hear of job seekers who are on the market for more than a year. Sometimes they need a break for personal reasons and that is OK. However, the longer you are out of the market the more you are like the house that doesn’t sell. Everyone wonders what is wrong with you. They question your value.

If you have procrastinated working with a professional because people told you job search is easy and you should do it yourself, stop it! Just Stop It!

Think of all the projects you hire an expert for: your plumbing, your taxes, your haircut, or your health concerns. Why are you leaving your job search to chance?

Are you putting enough effort in your job search? Do you know the best and most current strategies for your resume, LinkedIn, and job search in general? Let me help you. Learn more here.


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