Redefined: Distributed workforce versus Remote workforce

I learned something Saturday. I created a new design plan for the latest version of an Operations Resume with a very successful returning client. Her newest role is as a Director of Operations for a foundation with $109.9M in annual revenues.

As we talked on Zoom about how her company works today. I asked about the remote workforce. She explained that what I tend to call a remote workforce is really a distributed workforce.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

distributed workforce is a workforce that reaches beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment.

A distributed workforce is dispersed geographically over a wide area – domestically or internationally.

By installing key technologies, distributed companies enable employees located anywhere to access all of the company’s resources and software such as applications, data and e-mail without working within the confines of a physical company-operated facility.

Distributed Workforce versus Virtual Business

I coach and write for many people who are really part of a distributed workforce:

A company with a distributed workforce connects its employees using a networking infrastructure that makes it easy for team members across the world to work together.

Distributed workforce solutions

The reality is I frequently capture resume stories for people who use, create, sell, or market the tools of a distributed workforce:

Using a shared software approach called SaaS, or software as a service, workers and teams can share files securely and access the company’s:

Many of these are tools I use daily but though I work remotely coaching and writing with clients on Zoom, I do not share my tools with a team.

The Disruption of Covid19 created a greater need for a distributed workforce

While many of us work from home, the volume of work from home individuals expanded significantly with the stay at home orders. While technologies still needed to adapt, many were already in place.

For example: Many people, including myself, were using Zoom prior to Covid19. For the past four years, Zoom has been my video technology of choice. However, the volume placed on Zoom was amplified and Zoom had to rapidly develop and implement multiple changes to upgrade security to meet the worldwide demand.

You will see more adaptation to distributed workforces in the future.

  • Opportunities to work for companies deploying distributed workforces will expand.
  • Globally, we moved from a dependency on a workplace tied to a physical location as information technology continues to transform cultural, social, technological and construction processes.
  • You no longer need to work together in the same physical space to access the tools and resources needed to produce work.

I find this amazing!

It isn’t new to me, on my smaller scale, as I expanded my arsenal of technology tools for years. For the past 10+ years, I harnessed the skills and talents of contractors, coaches, and consultants to improve my ability to provide client services and expand my market globally throughout North American and Europe.

Today’s workforce is changing but if you are willing to learn new ways, use new tools, and forge a future as a member of a distributed workforce, you will find new opportunities.

What do I do?

I keep my finger on the pulse of work today to ensure I prepare job seekers to be marketable in today’s job market. I deploy a range of tools and partnered services as I deliver cutting edge strategies to help you find the right role.

Who suffers? The person who is not willing to try new ideas and new ways to work will remain forever stuck.

If you are someone who wants job search and resume writing help, my unique interactive career marketing strategy will help you become marketable for today’s diversified workforce. Select the right resume package for you.

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Redefined: Distributed workforce versus Remote workforce

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