How to write your resume for high demand information technology jobs

Are you targeting high demand IT jobs? In other words, do you know what industries and skills are sought after by employers who need information technology?

High demand IT jobs crosses industries

Think about it! Information Technology is critical to success in:

  • healthcare
  • finance
  • education
  • manufacturing
  • consumer product goods (CPG)
  • construction
  • retail
  • insurance
  • communication
  • agriculture
  • utilities
  • energy
  • entertainment
  • hospitality
  • food service

What technology areas will show growth in 2019?

To be successful in the future, job seekers need to keep their eye on what is changing on the horizon. By recognizing trends, individuals determine their willingness and capacity to learn new skills to keep pace with change.

As I work with leaders and executives in multiple industries, I see commonalities. Successful people understand nothing is static. Be willing to learn and remain open to change.

Nothing is static, you have to be open to change

Frankly, even as a small business owner, I must stay cutting edge. I need to learn new strategies within my industry. In the last two years, I renewed two of my certifications: Certified Master Resume Writer and Certified Executive Resume Writer.

Marketing strategies change rapidly. This website was rebuilt this year by Raul Colon from Limonade.  This year’s new website for Design Resumes is significantly mobile-friendly incorporating robust testimonials and embedded payment solutions.

What are high demand IT jobs?

Business Transformation and Digital Transformation have been hot jobs for the past few years. This is a skill on many resumes I write. Of course, you actually have to prove you have and used the skill:

  • Digital Transformation – Spearheaded comprehensive digital transformation strategies for company and its parent company to move from an internal project focus to one of customer experience. Transformed architecture, infrastructure, and operations global processes. Developed global change management and implementation plans to enable real-time, mobile engagement with its building materials customers and distributors, transforming how the entire company did business.

Cloud Technology or Cloud Optimization comprise many high demand information technology jobs:

  • Technology Optimization – Executed migration of SAP ERP system landscape from IBM data center to Amazon Cloud Services, delivering $1.7M in annual cost savings for infrastructure hosting.

Experts predict Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers lucrative career opportunities

TechRepublic reported the top 10 highest paying AI job openings in last quarter 2017:

1. Director of AI |  City: San Francisco | Pay: $257,269 | Industry: Internet & tech

2. Vice president of AI product management | City: San Jose | Pay: $249,500 | Industry: Marketing & advertising

3. Data engineer for deep learning | City: San Jose | Pay: $243,623 | Industry: Computer software & hardware

4. Attorney for AI division | City: Los Angeles | Pay: $203,710 | Industry: Internet & tech

5. Deep learning engineer for self-driving cars | City: San Francisco | Pay: $203,450 | Industry: Consulting

6. Director of marketing for AI | City: San Jose | Pay: $202,876 | Industry: Manufacturing

7. Director of machine learning and AI | City: San Jose | Pay: $200,627 | Industry: Computer software & hardware

8. Director of technical sales for AI | City: San Francisco | Pay: $190,098 | Industry: Computer software & hardware

9. Director of research for AI | City: Seattle | Pay: $188,966 | Industry: Computer software & hardware

10. Software engineering lead for AI | City: Seattle | Pay: $188,966 | Industry: Retail

In terms of companies hiring AI talent today, Amazon, NVIDIA, and Microsoft lead the pack, Glassdoor found. However, as you can see on this list, a growing number of employers in the financial services, consulting and government sectors are also emerging as major employers of AI talent.

Identify the areas in which you excel and expand your skills by leveraging learning and certification opportunities. Don’t remain static.

If you are ready to embark on a career change, discover how I can help you market yourself. Learn more.

How to write your resume for high demand information technology jobs

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