Stop searching for easy solutions, find the right solution

Everyone wants easy solutions but if you want success, you want the right solution. The thing is the right solution is often also the hard solution.

The right solution in job search

People often want a generic resume, the one-size-fits-all variety that they can use to apply to any job.

One resume is the right solution when you understand the value of a targeted job search. You can use the same resume as long as the target remains the same for each position you apply.

The problem occurs when you reach in multiple directions and try to use the same resume.

Define your job search target first

The right solution for your job search is finding that target. If you are looking for an IT role, then define the area of IT. Do you want to be an Oracle DBA, an IT Consultant, or Technology Sales Executive. IT itself is very broad and you will get lost if you try to be everything to everyone.

If you actually are looking in two directions, you need two different resumes. The Vice President of Technology is not the same person as the Vice President of Sales even in a technology company. You need to emphasize different skills, capitalize on different resume stories, and define your value very differently.

This means you will have to work harder to find the right solution for your resume. It will take longer to write than a generic resume. You will need to define your strategy and then execute the plan. However, it is also much more likely to result in substantial job offers.

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