When we all want to get noticed not ignored

7 reasons you need more than one resumeGet Noticed! The number one driving force for people who hire a resume writer is the desire to get noticed and not ignored. The fear of being ignored in your job search is huge. You want to get the attention of hiring managers, be noticed, and get hired.

The right way to get noticed

It is always tempting to latch on to the latest fashion or style and imitate it. You see a great resume template and think “this is what I need to get noticed!”

You fill the resume template with your old content and figure that completes the resume. Unfortunately, while a compelling resume format is part of the job search attraction process, it is never the end all.

Taking a design off the internet means you may compete with people who also had the same idea. For years, hiring managers identified who used the Microsoft resume templates because they all looked alike.

Borrowing ideas not copying content

You don’t know how to write a resume. That’s OK.  Your plan is to borrow content from someone and your resume content will be great too. Jim Connolly, UK small business marketing coach, often reminds people to steal like an artist.

What steal like an artist doesn’t mean is to actually steal content word-for-word. You use great resume content to inspire you but you don’t use whole paragraphs or sentences.

As you recognize traits you also have or job skill sets fitting your wheelhouse, you weave your resume story incorporating the ideas and skills.

How to differentiate your resume story

If you are honest, your resume story never matches someone else’s. You contribute to the company success with your own sense of purpose. Your talents and joy in the job are different from another person’s.

Write your story. Tell the employer how you differ from the competition. If you struggle with what value you provided, you need to think deeper or hire someone like me to help you discover your story.

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