The secret to using Thank You in my job search

Why should I write a Thank You in my job search?

Statistics show people who write thank you notes often are the ones hired. This doesn’t mean you always get hired but this courtesy definitely leads to a good impression with the employer.

Who should get a Thank You?

Though most of the time, you write thank you notes when you interview, but this is not the only time you write one. Tips:

  1. The person who took the time to read your resume. If someone invested time reading your resume, thank them. It is possible they know someone who can help you.
  2. A friend who spent time in a meeting providing you background information about a company you are interested in.
  3. Write to your references. They agreed to be your reference. Send a copy of your resume so they can give correct information about your accomplishments and skills.
  4. Thank the phone interviewer. People often think they only need thank yous for in-person interviews. See the phone interview as a critical initial step. Therefore, you want to say you appreciate the interview.
  5. Everyone in the interview session should get one. Never assume you know the decision-maker by their title. In addition, ask for business cards if possible in the interview.
  6. Write a thank you letter for the no. A complete explanation for this is in my Thank you for the No post. Basically, you never know when the person hired might not work out.

How long should I wait to send the thank you?

Someone asked me this question on Google+, the answer is: as soon as possible.

Don’t set up a canned version. Personalize your letter to the company, the interview, and the job you want.

You continue to present the value you bring to the organization or a position in a letter. Let your thank you resonate with how you can help with whatever issues they face.

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The secret to using Thank You in my job search

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