Seeing with a Different Set of Eyes

sunset-8-26-smaller3I’ve lived in the same house with the same view since March of 1992. For most of the past two years, I have moved my office upstairs into the family room and looked out the same window. But until I agreed with myself that I would break my rules about buying things for me and bought this little camera that fits in my pocket, I never saw the sunsets that have happened every day for the past 17 years.

For the last 5 days, I have been deliberately shooting the sunsets and posting them on my facebook page. None of them look alike, each night they have been slightly different, different clouds, different colors and different lighting. And all of them have been beautiful. I have realized that the sunsets were always there but I didn’t take the time to see them until I started using the camera’s eye.

Suddenly I am seeing many things differently. Everything isn’t changing all at once but I am finding that I see many things I never saw before and taking the time to see them. Flowers are more complex, birds which always fascinated me, I spent more time looking at than ever before.

All because of the little camera in my pocket. Though I have used the camera out on the river and let other people take Wausau Whitewater pictures with it, mostly I have used it in my house or yard and found that I am looking at things very differently.

Orginally I bought the camera for this blog. I got tired of having topics with no photos and having to search for photos on the web. For my other blog, I have lots of wonderful photos from my Wausau Whitewater photographers but for this one, I was always procrastinating writing because I had to search for photos. The camera made it easier.

But the real benefit to buying the little camera is that now I am seeing with a different set of eyes and it isn’t only sunsets I am seeing for the first time. My perspective is changing on many things. How about you? Have you changed your perspective? Is it time for you to have a different pair of eyes?

If job seeking is one of the things you are working on, trying using a different pair of eyes, implementing new strategies, and seeing if you get different results.

Talk to me, I talk back!

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