Should you accept a job you know you don't want?

Should I accept the job?Tough decisions. The job market is starting to open up. If you are one of those people who are willing to relocate, you may find yourself in a tough decision mode.

A recent dilemma a client faced is that he interviewed successfully with a major corporate employer. He loved everything about the company, the job, and the role he would play in the company. But he was smart enough to spend some time in the city he would be living in to discover what it offered. This client is under 30 and he is looking for specific things in the location he chooses.

Research your new target job location

What did he find? Basically, the city had none of the things he was looking for in the place he wanted to live. Access to even some of the food choices he has was not there. He faced a dilemma. Should he take the job and potentially be miserable? He already has a job so he is not just looking to get a job. He is looking for a career.

He knew there was a good chance he would be offered the new position. He called me to discuss if he should be proactive and let the human resources contact know that he was reluctant to take the job. He also knew that there were similar positions in other locations that would fit his needs better.

We discussed the options and decided that he would let them know in advance and also suggest that he would like to be considered for the other locations. It was a gamble that they would consider him for another position but the flip side was that he would be unhappy if he said yes.

Career change is a major life event.

This young man was very wise and he knew enough to check out the location in advance of saying yes and he knew enough to ask for advice and counsel before he opted out.

When you are facing change in your life, you need to be thorough in the process of decision-making. We are in a tough market and though there are new opportunities, it is critical that you work hard to make sure that the job you are targeting will work for you.

You can also use this little decision-making tool that I call my Pro-Con tool. You might find this helpful too!

Why multiple career changes could cause future problems

Moving too quickly in this economy may work once or twice but it will cause other issues in the future. You have to be willing to accept the consequences of your choices.

In this case, my client made the call. He was encouraged to apply for the other positions but he is not sure if they will still be willing to hire him.

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